This fall, I will be starting a year-long internship with a sub-ministry of Cru called Jesus Film in Orlando, Florida. 
Jesus Film Project began in 1979 with a movie called JESUS that told the story of the Gospel.
 It has since been translated into over 2,100 languages and has changed the eternal lives of over 665 million people!
Currently, Jesus Film is working to create an animated version of the original movie set to come out in December of 2025 :)
Over this last year and a half, I was able to have the chance of creating my senior capstone project based on the Biblical story of Ruth (you can check that out in the 'Capstone' tab above!), and that project showed me that I am very passionate about creating Gospel-centered animations. 
I'm so excited to use a gift the Lord has given me in art and animation to glorify Him and expand His kingdom!
As an intern and official missionary with Cru, I have a spiritual and financial need for people to come alongside me and partner with me through prayer and consistent, monthly donations. If you are interested and willing to support me, thank you! 
Please fill out the contact information below and I will be in touch with you soon!
You can also email me at
Thank you!
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